When He Cleaned His Stove With a DIY Paste, I Was STUNNED! It’s So Easy!


Cleaning a stove is one of the most difficult chores because there is so much caked on grease and dirt. The kitchen is always the part of the house that everyone wants to ignore. There’s food and dirt and so much that no one wants to get their hands on. There is a DIY paste that can be made that will make you love cleaning your stove. The man in this video shows how he got the burnt-on grease from his stove top off using a few basic ingredients that were lying around the house. A little bit of baking soda can make a big difference and I will never look at cleaning the kitchen the same ever again.
The video is just under seven minutes long and shows you how to do it all. This means that there aren’t any fast moving steps that have you hitting the rewind button to show you what happened. I was amazed by just how easy it all was.

Here’s what you need:

A box of baking soda

A mixing bowl

A spoon

A sponge

A scraping tool

Pour in some of the baking soda to the bowl. Hold the bowl under the kitchen sink to add in a little water. Then use the spoon to mix it into a paste. If it’s too chunky, then add in just a little more water. He even shows how to drain some of the water off if you add too much.

Then, you take the paste and apply it to the stain on your ceramic stove. Apply it thick with the back of the spoon so it is going to work. Let it sit for a few minutes. It won’t look much different, but take the scraper and start scraping at the stain. It’s going to come off so easily! In about 30 seconds, he has the stain off from an entire burner, and that is done in real time. This means no camera tricks to make it look easier than it really is. This is why this DIY video has gotten so much attention. It really is as easy as it looks.

You then take the sponge to wipe up the rest so that it looks like new once again. People have been talking about how easy it is. If you have ever done some baking in your home, you likely have baking soda. Otherwise, a box of it only costs about a dollar at the store.

Would you try this on your stove? Do you think it will work as easily as shown?

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