When He Blows On The Dog’s Tummy, The BEST Thing Happens!


Parents of furry children are tasked with a great deal of responsibility when it comes to caring for their pets. Between feeding them, providing shelter, ensuring their health and safety and spending time with them having fun, the process can be taxing. But that doesn’t mean that parents of fur babies aren’t able to cut loose and have some fun of their own, too.

Just check out the dad in this short clip. He has definitely found a way to amuse himself, while spending time with his pet. We are going to have to give him a lot of credit for his enthusiasm and inventiveness, as most of us would not have even thought to pull a stunt like this. For what it’s worth, the dog seems to be enjoying themselves, too.
Dad is cradling the puppy in his arms, much like a baby and while some might think that this will be a typical cute animal clip where the father and child bond with one another while dramatic strings play in the background, Dad’s objective is far funnier and more original than that.

The basic premise had us rolling in the aisles, before we had even pressed play. While most of us loving picking up puppies to play with them, this dad is treating his like a baby, by blowing raspberries into its tummy. This would be funny enough by itself, if not the hilarious reaction that follows.

Every time Dad blows into the dog’s belly, the little pup decides to stick its ears straight out into the air, sending everyone watching into hysterics. If we didn’t know any better, we would assume that Dad had purchased some puppy shaped balloons. Those who have yet to see an inflatable dog in their lifetimes would do well to press play on this clip as soon as possible. It just may be the best 14 seconds of your day.

It is heartwarming to see father and pup enjoying each other’s company this much. We certainly hope that their connection remains strong and with any luck, we will get to see more videos from them in the not so distant future.

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