When He Blows On The Dog’s Tummy, The BEST Thing Happens!


This is one of those hilarious videos that you would just feel the need to share with everyone around you. The dog ever so acts as an inflatable dog as he relaxes in the palms of his owner’s hands and inflates every time the owner blows air into its belly. The dog’s eats stick up as if he is being filled with air and causes everybody around to have a great laugh. The dog acts like a real life inflatable dog and his ears rise up gradually as if he is filled with air.

We’ve all had those cute and amazing inflatable dogs at parties that get filled out and shaped up properly once they have air pumped into them. Well, this is not one of those dogs. This dog cannot be used as a piñata and be filled with candy. Also, you most definitely would not feel like hitting this dog with a stick as you would a piñata just to get candy. No. This dog is a lot cuter than that and he is the star of the show, the star of the moment.
With his rock star blonde hair, he tilts his hair backwards and gets ready to make his viewers laugh. The dog’s ears stick up as his owner blows air into his belly. This brings a large smile to his owner’s face, and eventually, laughter. This is truly one of the funniest videos you would see on the internet. The owner pauses for a moment and then blows air into the dog’s belly, and like clockwork, the dog’s ears stick straight up all over again. The owner just can’t get enough of how hilarious this is and eventually breaks out into laughter again. This is clearly not the first time his dog has made him laugh like this, now it’s time to make the rest of the world laugh. The dog does not get camera shy and disappoint, instead, he puts on a show and performs like there is no camera over his head. The owner does this a third time, and immediately after the ears stick straight up, he breaks out in the loudest laughter ever. He simply can’t get enough of how amazingly hilarious his dog is.

Dog Sticks Out Ears When Owner Blows on his Belly

An inflatable dog? We want one!

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This is one of those videos that would leave you giggling at the edge of your seat. The small dog in this video acts like an inflatable dog as his ears stick up every time his owner blows air into his belly.

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