What To Do If You See A Dog Chained Up Outside In The Cold


It is difficult to know what to do when you see a dog tied up on a chain in the cold. For most people, their heart will naturally go out to a poor soul like this. Your first instinct is to simply release it from its pain and heartache. Unfortunately, neglect like this is common. However, by following your heart and and rescuing a dog who is tied up, you could be in some serious trouble.


This is what Judy Camp found when she saw a dog chained up and decided that she simply had to take action. Judy took the arthritic dog home and gave it a lot of love and attention. However, she didn’t think that this was going to be a complicated procedure with a jail sentence that she may be facing, coupled with a some serious fines.

Of course, one does not think that this is a crime, and you are simply doing something in the best interest of the dog, the owners of the dog will not see it in this way. In this case, Judy was made to do community service, while she was able to buy the dog from the owners, who she name Tank for a hefty sum of five hundred dollars.

It is seen as abandonment and neglect to simply leave your dog tied and chained up in this way. It can lead to all sorts of physical and psychological problems in the future, and this is difficult to cope with. However, one always has to prove the owner to be completely guilty of this before simply taking the dog, otherwise you may have a mountain to climb.


Of course, it is different depending on where you are based, and this will make things either tougher or easier to prove. Some states are against chaining up dogs, and other states don’t see this as a serious crime. The Humane Society of the United States has clear rules and regulations regarding this matter.

Although it is not easy to see a dog isolated like this, and you may just want to reach out, it is also important to follow the guidelines. Make notes and keep accurate details. Take photos and videos before you decide to report this. The more evidence you have, the better your chances are.



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