What This Vet Does With A Puppy After Her Surgery Just Melted My Heart To Pieces


Surgery is a scary thing for the young, they don’t understand what’s going on or why their little bodies feel different, but at least with a human child you can somewhat explain what is happening. But when it’s a puppy who is just waking up from surgery, there is no way to communicate what is happening.

This was the case for little Meesha who awakening from the anesthesia after being spayed, was scared and confused. The poor little girl, of course she was confused by how her body now felt. Enter Dennis Moses, the Surgical Assistant for BARCS Animal Shelter.
Dennis knew Meesha was scared as she was shivering and whimpering from fear, so he decided she needed someone to cuddle and comfort her to help quiet her fears and ease her discomfort. As he was holding her close, wrapped in blanket, Dennis begins to gently rock her in his arms and give her little kisses on her forehead.

He softly whispers in her ear, “Shshshsh, Shshshsh, Shshshsh”. One of the volunteers at BARCS had walked into the hall as Dennis was comforting little Meesha. Watching him gently rock her back and forth, giving her the occasional little kisses on her snout and forehead warmed the volunteer’s heart. The volunteer decided the love and comfort shown by this awesome surgical assistant had to be shared with the world.

Dennis and the staff at BARCS spend their time saving lives, bringing love to the animals that so often end up there. They work very long hours and often times without getting the kind of appreciation and acknowledgement they really should get. Sometimes, the only love an animal will have experienced in their lives up to coming to the shelter is that shown them by the staff and volunteers.

Which is the very reason the BARCS’ volunteer captured this heartwarming scene on video. This is one of those truly heartwarming videos that everyone who watches should share. In a world where we hear so many horrible stories of how animals are abused or neglected, it’s wonderful to see such love and comfort given so selflessly.

This really is a must watch video. And after watching please make sure to share it as much as possible because those who work in animal shelters really do deserve more appreciation and acknowledgment than they all too often to not receive. There is no way anyone could watch this video and NOT have their hearts literally melted.

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