What This Tiny Dog Did To The Kitten Will Freeze Your Mind!


Miracles are much more commonplace than we realize and this particular miracle took place in the state of South Carolina. While no one was aware of it initially, the dog in this story had taken it upon themselves to care for an abandoned kitten who was in desperate need of a mother.

This story starts in a massive ravine behind a local Home Depot. The tiny pup (a Shih Tzu) was the de facto surrogate mother for this cute little kitten. Local residents finally took notice of this amazing occurrence and contacted the good people at Anderson County Animal Control, so that they could help this dynamic duo.


Michelle Smith, one of the officers who handled the case, says that it was very likely that the pup heard the poor kitten crying in the ravine and went down to provide a heroic rescue. Once she made her down there, she ended up nursing the kitten instead.


The dog had the ability to climb back out of the ravine, but could not bear to leave her newly adopted fur baby behind. The dog stayed behind and began to bark as loud as she could, in an attempt to attract attention. This was how she chose to call for help and she was determined to stay with the kitten until it was brought to safety.


The dog and the kitten were soon rescued, thanks to the efforts of this heroic pup. From there, they were brought to Anderson County’s P.A.W.S. outfit.

As you might imagine, they won the hearts of everyone they came across and once animal lovers worldwide caught a glimpse of them, they became famous. Their love for each other is so pure and genuine, no one can resist their charms.


The dog was lactating and nursing the kitten during the process. She was producing milk due to a false pregnancy scare and thanks to her quick thinking, the little kitten was able to remain alive until help was found.


The center where the animals were staying received a letter from a man named Joe. He and his wife were so touched by this story, they decided to adopt both of them and give them the forever home that they deserved. They were named Goldie and Kate and they reminded Joe and his wife of their cat and dog.


This post proves that miracles can happen when we least expect them to and needs to be shared with your friends as soon as possible.

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