What This Man Saw Burrowing In The Snow Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Winter.


The fellow who made this clip stepped outside one day after a snowstorm. While he probably figured that he would quickly investigate the new powder and head back inside to put on a cup of hot chocolate, what he saw made him start filming immediately.

He saw something moving underneath all of that new snow and just like anyone else would, he became curious and decided to investigate. Perhaps there was a person buried underneath the snow pile and they were in need of help?

Fortunately, there was nothing to worry about, as the figure who was moving under the snow turned out not to be a human at all. Once he came to the realization of what it actually was, there was no way for him to believe his own eyes.

This snow pile is definitely deep enough for someone to get lost, but wait until you see this little Dachshund. While this dog seems to be good at navigating its way through the snow, we cannot help but to be worried about the little pup. We just hope that the dog gets a chance to play in all of this new snow before it ends up melting!

An adorable video like this one needs to be shared immediately. Be sure to pass it along to all of your closest friends and family, so that they can also enjoy the adventures of this Daschie.

[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=pwSa2zGDqrc”]

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