What This Man Does With This Mixture Will Change Your Shopping Habits Forever


For the most part, if a person hears the word “Heinz”, their first thought after that will be “ketchup”. This is not a shocking bit of word association, as the Heinz company has sold the popular condiment for nearly 140 years now.

But if you are anything like myself and you enjoy dipping your french fries in ketchup, you may be shocked to learn that there is an even better option available to you. You can make your own ketchup at home and while this may seem like a drastic undertaking, this amazing video will show you how to create some of the finest ketchup you have ever had the privilege of tasting.

Heinz ketchup was the inaugural product sold by the J. Heinz Company. Ketchup would soon prove to be so popular, over 13 million bottles of the condiment have been sold each year since 1907. As recently as three years ago, over 650 million bottles of Heinz ketchup had been sold throughout the world and it is easy to see why this condiment has become one of the biggest favorites.

Most of us, including myself, have enjoyed ketchup as a household staple ever since childhood. If I had known more about how to create my own ketchup from a younger age, I never would have come to rely on the Heinz company as much as I have. Not only is homemade food much cheaper, but it is also far healthier for you over the long haul.

To begin, grab a small onion. From there, peel it and slice it in half. You will also want to have a mug handy during this part of the process. Place a heaping teaspoon of brown sugar into the mug and then fill it halfway to the top with some warm water.

If the water is warm enough, the sugar will dissolve inside and give the mixture a coloration that is similar to molasses. Allow the mix of sugar and water to cool before adding the onion. Once you have added the onion, use a hand blender to mix it in. Keep the hand blender’s settings on low, or else you will send water flying all over the place.

Tomato paste is added to the bowl next. Ground cloves, mustard, salt and vinegar are also added, but in order to learn more about the specifics involved with creating your own ketchup at home, you will simply have to watch the video and learn more.

After learning the ins and outs of this recipe, the guests at your next cookout will be amazed and astonished to learn you created this ketchup at home. Be sure to share the recipe with as many of your food loving friends as possible.

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