What This Cat Does To Sick And Injured Animals In The Shelter Has Me Looking For Him!


Due to the impressive individuality of cats, it is seemingly difficult to study their smarts. Cats do not really care about what you think or want; they are pretty smart. No doubt, dogs are cute but cats are very special. They (cats) have exceptional traits and mental skills that are uncommon and rare to find in virtually all other pet animals.

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Science has revealed that cats have famed aloofness that makes them to do what they were not instructed to do at times. They have got this unique preference to simply do something else except they are convinced to play along. Most times cats do not require they help of their owners to do what they think is right and they do nor even care what you want.

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Cats do not require the help of humans in order to feel safe and secure, instead, they prefer to walk by themselves and look after themselves. When it comes to coping with an unusual situation, domestic cats are much more autonomous, however, this does not stop them from developing bonds with and having affection for their owners.

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Cats are naturally pack animals and so, they do not rely on other cats for assistance and security. Nonetheless, this cat in Bydgoszcz, Poland has proven that philosophy wrong and has proven to be a dependable source of comfort and secure to other cats within his environ.

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Radamenes is a relentless cat that escaped death by the whiskers when he managed to recover from a serious respiratory infection. At first, when the poor cat was brought in, everyone thought that he would never make it through. However, his determination to live and unrelenting quest for survival gave the vet doctors the feeling that he may want to live. At least, he wasn’t yet ready to give up on life.

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With time, Radamenes started becoming better and to the amazement of everyone, he suddenly became a lover of other pet animals that were sick and injured. He demonstrated this act of love by taking out time to hug and clean them.

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His initial situation and the miraculous recovery that followed made him to understand and learn how to properly care for other animals that had undergone serious surgeries irrespective of their kind. Vets at the shelter have referred to Radamenes as “an angel in disguise.” There are even claims that he now serves as their mascot and full time nurse.

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