What They Saw Inside This Animal Shelter After Taking Photos Is Absolutely Breathtaking!


Shelters always have animals for adoption. These animals have either been dumped to the shelter, have lost from their  family, or have been found somewhere from the animal volunteers. So once these animals enter the shelter, they get ready for adoption. Finding a new home is the goal of these animals. They all want to have someone who takes extra care of them, and someone who loves them unconditionally.

Last week some beautiful souls opened up their hearts, and houses to all the animals of the Indiana Animal Shelter due to a price reduction in the adoption fee. The shelter decided to have a $10 fee for all those who adopted an animal during Black Friday, but they never expected this…

An empty shelter after Black Friday! 


So what happened was that during Black Friday dozens of people rushed to the shelter to get a new pet for themselves (dogs and cats.) 


All these people wanted to save a soul, and get a loving companion for themselves. I am guessing that the deal this shelter offered was just too good to refuse. 


“They’ve all gone home — and here are the most beautiful pictures to prove it,” said a staffer at the shelter.


The joy at the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control was indescribable. Watching all the shelter kennels empty, was the most beautiful reward this shelter has gotten in its history. 


“It brought out people in droves,” said shelter staff Jodi Hamilton to WDAM. “I have been here eight years and this is the first time in my memory we have not had any available, adoptable dogs.”


After the Thanksgiving weekend, the shelter was happy to announce that two dozen of cats and dogs have been adopted to a forever family. It is such a hear-warming news to everyone who works so hard to find a home for these deserving pets. We all hope that people will adopt even more during this holiday season. REMEMBER pets need a loving house too. So if you want to get  pet, please adopt don’t buy! 


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