What They Recorded At The Shelter Is About To Put A Smile On Your Face – Oh My!


Bruno Mars is yet to release the remix version of his single “Uptown Funk,” but the song seems to be causing a stir as if it was freshly dished. What could be the cause of the hullabaloo? Why is everyone now singing and dancing to the tune of the song? Well, the single answer to those questions is, the song just dropped on the dogs and they have taken over its rhythm and beats. They really love it! This whole action started in the East Bay SPCA, which since 1874 have been on the mission of providing shelter and seeing to the needs of strayed and abandoned dogs. These dogs have been well catered for ever since the found a new home in the agency. They have also been adequately trained on how to become good animalistic citizens of the society.

As a means of advocating the need of adopting these cute pets, the organization went into the act of producing a hilarious video that displayed the caliber of dogs they had and skills they possess while using Bruno Mars’ song “Uptown Funk” as the footage’s soundtrack.

Based in Oakland, California the agency specializes in sheltering lost pets (cats and dogs) and training them to become adoptable. The creativity involved in organizing the video clip has caused lot of stir on the social media. The video which was released on Tuesday and a means of promoting shelter dogs adoption, featured both staff members and several types of dog singing and dancing to the song.

Titled “Oaktown Pups,” the video started making hits on social media. It was revealed that the video gained more than 600,000 views in just a week of its publication, receiving appraisals and supportive reaction from fans and pet lovers from the nooks and crannies of the world.

The video did not only exhibit the spirit of amusement with song and dance but it also showcased the need to neuter and sterilize so as to avoid them from falling into the same situation like these pups.

On the social media, there have been influxes of supporters from all over the world who have come to create awareness and show their support for the cause of pet adoption, as a result of this footage. On twitter alone, tweets and photo shots acquired from the video are being displayed almost everywhere as a way of supporting its cause.

The objective of the agency is clear. Their commitment to pets’ welfare and animal support is obviously radiant. They have shown concern towards the need of eradicating animal cruelty and reducing their overpopulation.

They (staffers at East Bay SPCA) have really succeeded in making the world understand the significance of adopting pets. Though the picture is quite entertaining the message is more educating.

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