What They Caught The Dog And Baby Doing Together Will Warm Your Heart


Dave the Bulldog is a wrinkly, fuzzy, warm ball of joy that was living happily and peacefully with his owners, when all of a sudden; a new creature entered his home. A bouncing baby boy! This little boy took over Dave’s world as he fell in love with his new, baby human, and the pair became two peas in a pod. Dave’s owner created an amazing viral video of the two cuddly creatures doing everything together, as if they were twins from the same species!

Watch how Dave the Bulldog and Baby Bob discover their new world together hand-in-paw. Dave lovingly cares for Bob, nuzzling him, sleeping snuggled up next to him, even licking him clean after a particularly messy meal. Bob loves Dave just as much; giving him pats and belly scratches, scraps from his high chair, and lots of kisses.
The two of them find so much happiness in each other and recognize they are both little balls of joy that are discovering a new world together while building the most loyal of friendships. Whoever said that dogs were man’s best friend didn’t realize that dogs are baby’s best friend too!

These two do absolutely everything together! From rolling around on the floor and playing to getting washed and cleaned up, these two do it all together. They are just two brothers from different mothers. And before either of them can sleep at night, there must be kisses and snuggles aplenty. Dave and Bob seem to see themselves in each other, and they love each other despite the difference in species.

With over 500,000 views on social media, these two Internet stars are becoming quite the hot topic! Bob’s mom, Zoe Miller, is using this Internet fame for good as she is able to show what a bond children and animals can form, and the joy a good pet can bring to a family. She is also posting more pictures and videos to raise awareness for charities and bulldog rescue!

What started as a simple video collage of some absolutely adorable puppy-meets-baby pictures became an Internet sensation, sweeping the nation! But Bob and Dave don’t get caught up in the fame of it all; they simply keep on living their sweet, simple life with each other at their sides.

Even though Bob is growing up fast, he keeps his buddy Dave by his side. It’s truly amazing! Zoe claims that the two are inseparable, and when they can’t be together, they miss each other terribly. Dave will wait at the door longingly for his best friend to come home. These precious peas in a pod are the absolute best friends.

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