What These Girls Saw Inside A Hot Car Is Horrifying. What They Did Is AWESOME.


“Man’s best friend”; we still bestow on them this title, but yet they still haven’t received the respect that should go along with that. There is total media coverage when a child is left endangered, but when an animal is left in a dangerous situation it’s hardly top headlines.

We’ve all seen it, walking through a crowded parking lot. Can’t wait to get inside our favorite store and into the cool air-conditioning, the black asphalt overheating and sweating under a scorching sun. As you weave through the parked cars you hear the yap-yap of a poor little dog jumping to and fro within their steel cage, even panting a bit at the slit left in the window. The little ones think they’re just as formidable as the big ones, but they all meet the same fate when the heat index rises.

And what have we all done? We look at them, we stare at them, but yet we continue to walk by them. The perpetrators of this crime come from all classes, genres and walks of life. Intercity dwellers, suburbanites, even police are guilty.

It’s not so much that this is a crime of passion or intentional wrongdoing. It’s a crime of ignorance. And whether they think: ‘ oh I’ll just be gone for a minute’, or ‘I’ll just be inside for a second’. Or maybe they just plain forgot, getting caught up in whatever activity they’re involved in at the time, the outcome will be the same. And no matter how much they bark they still have no voice saying “Help Me”.

And even though these people might not be bad people, unintentionally hurting a life is still criminal. just as we would charge someone with neglect of a child we also hold a pet owner up to a standard of responsibility for their pet’s life.

No one is immune to that responsibility, not even the police. So far this year there is a total of 11 police service K9s that have succumbed to heat exhaustion when left in a police unit. While it was definitely not intentional it still has the same outcome. It is a felony charge to kill a police dog yet this is rarely enforced.

While police dogs receive some recognition, their brethren most often never see justice for their death. Animals are not just animals. They are living, breathing beings who feel pain and suffering, just as we do. What will you do next time you pass a barking car? It’s up to all of us to spread awareness and to change something within ourselves. Do you have the courage to go as far, and save a life, as these girls did in this video?

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