What People Do Here With The Elephants Is Something You’ll Want To See


Second chances in life are gifts. Just ask anyone who has had a rough start or had a few bad experiences. While humans sometimes fall on bad times due to choices, sometimes animals innocently get caught up in the fray. That’s why it is good to see animals that are given a second chance. In Chang Mai, Thailand elephants are being given a new life thanks to the care available to them.

A group of caring individuals are giving natural habitats to Yindee and Pookie, two baby elephants just learning about the world. They live with Jokai and Mae Perm, the longest residents of the park. Joining them are Fatty Faa Mai, Thong Suk and Kham Paan. Among a host of other residents, these elephants are benefitting from the sanctuary while educating human visitors on nature.

The elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai has been in existence since the 1990s. The caretakers have five main goals that comprise their mission statement. First, offer sanctuary to elephants that are brought there due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Second, to re-introduce the rainforest by planting trees in surrounding area to reestablish the rain forest. Thirdly, to support the community by buying local. Fourthly, to educate visitors on the elephant’s endangered status in an entertaining manner. And finally, to stand apart from groups that may come against its mission and boldly hold its ground.

Though there is a mission statement and protocol to the sanctuary, the real telltale sign of success is the happy elephants that roam. Just look at this video and you can see how fulfilling life is in a protected corner of the world.

The reality is that life in the wild is dangerous for any animal. More and more animals are finding their species on the endangered list. Elephants were there also. That’s why it is so important for people like the ones at this elephant sanctuary to open facilities like this one.

What makes this elephant sanctuary unique is that elephants are allowed to roam through the land as if it were their natural habitat- and it actually is. Visitors are allowed to interact with them and assist in care for them. The real purpose is to educate visitors on these beautiful wild animals. They aren’t terrifying creatures looking to destroy things. Rather they are truly gentle giants looking for a safe home.

This video gives a clear vision of what the Chang Mai, Thailand elephant sanctuary offers. A peaceful and safe location for elephants to congregate. It also is an excellent learning tool to foster respect and bring dignity back to these majestic animals.

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