What The Hidden Camera Caught The Dogs Doing Is Stunning And Brilliant!


Never underestimate the skills of a smart dog. When you combine their intelligence with their patience, there is little they cannot do. This video shows a Siberian Husky who is determined to get the treat. The homeowners did not make it easy for him. There is no furniture to climb on and no way to jump to the clean and empty counter. Yet night after night the dog treats continued to disappear.

With much effort and some encouragement from his doggie buddy; he managed to open the drawer and enter. After a few tries he opened the upper drawer and discovered he could get climb into it from the inside and from there it was a small jump to the counter. And the treat was his. The pet owners were surprised that the dog had found a way even when they saw no way,
Dog lovers have long known about the special qualities of the Siberian Husky. This breed is active and fun loving. They are not an aggressive dog with human or other dogs. The Siberian Husky does not seem particularly possessive of even their human families.

Humans are often frustrated when trying to train the Siberian Husky. Training a Siberian Husky can be quite a challenge. These dogs are very much into their treats. Since most trainers use treats as a reward while training; the Siberian Husky is very wise and manages to find unique ways to get his own treats. This makes finding a reward to use the reward system difficult.

The Siberian Husky and their close relative the Alaskan Malamutes are trained to pull dog sleds in the frozen climate of Alaska. These dogs are efficient and thrive in the cold temperatures.

Owners of these breeds must provide much exercise. They require frequent walks and runs. These are not animals that adjust well to small living quarters. They need a lot of wide up spaces.
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The Siberian Husky self-cleans and sheds annually in the Spring. They are a clean and easy to care for the breed and as we saw in the video very intelligent. When it comes to the work of a great dog for those who live in the Alaskan region; Siberian Husky is the dog of choice.

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