What Happens When You Spray Water On A Jolly Baby Elephant


There’s nothing quite like a baby to make you smile. Babies naturally make people happy, that’s just a fact. Even if the babies aren’t human (animal babies, no aliens) they can still make people happy because of how cute they are, because of how they behave and even because they are simply happy by themselves.
In the wild, elephants can be incredibly scary. They are basically super strong giants that look like they have anger management issues as soon as they start to get annoyed, and in fact, in countries such as India and Bangladesh it isn’t all
In this video we can see a baby elephant just playing and fooling around in a pool for kids. What else could be cuter than that? It’s incredible cute to see him play and have fun in a pool, just like, well, a kid. He is still learning to walk (that’s how young he is) and as such he is kind of clumsy in what he does. That isn’t a problem at all and, in fact, it just makes a it a whole lot cuter.

This little girl’s name is Double Trouble, and she lives up to her name perfectly. Being a baby elephant wouldn’t look like too much fun, until you saw her. Now you can just tell you want to be a baby elephant and have as much fun as she does, she even loves taking a bath! She can’t get enough of the water in her bath and she makes a big mess while trying to get more and more water.
Double Trouble and her family live at Elephantstay in Thailand, located at the Royal Elephant Kraal & Village in Ayutthaya. This place is basically dedicated to keeping elephants happy and alive in order for them to prosper as a species. They believe in elephants and prioritize old, retired elephants on top of others. The point of all of it is to have the elephants live out in comfort so they can simply eat, bathe and fool around after a life well lived.


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The staff of the place and the visitors that want to see the elephants give them a lot of love and, as you can see from the video, they love it! In fact, this baby elephant loved it so much that she actually took the hose from the hands of the humans at the very end of the video, just so she could have all the water to herself… or maybe because they weren’t good with the hose or something like that. Point is, it was incredibly cute.

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