What Happened To This Lady Who Decided To Flip Off The Tomb Of Unknown Soldier? Karma At It’s Finest!


It’s always nice to see karma in full effect. Lindsey Stone posed for a photo while on vacation in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, found within Arlington National Cemetery. When her employer saw the photo, she was fired.
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What was so horrible within the photo that she would lose her job? She was posing to flip off the two and it made it look as though she was screaming at the soldier.
She and her coworker involved in taking the photo were fired. She did this in 2012 and posted it to an online campaign that targeted her employer at the time, Living Independently Forever. Not surprisingly, they decided to fire her immediately upon seeing the photo.

Stone says that she now regrets taking the photo, and fears the people who will ever find the photo. She also says that she hasn’t dated in years. Many people say that this is karma.

She received death and rape threats for more than a year after the photo had been shown. A Facebook page was entitled “Fire Lindsey Stone” and it obtained more than 19,000 likes. It has since been taken down, but it still haunts her from time to time.

A coworker of stones posted the photo on Facebook, and it went viral very quickly.

Many people who made comments said that she hates the military and soldiers alike. Many people said that she was evil, and she received more threats than she thought was ever possible.

Her own father called her behavior disgraceful.

She has since hired a PR agency in order to help her online image. The damage has been done, so people know about her and the photo, are already aware of what she has done. The only thing that the PR agency can do at this point is to stop the spreading of the hate.

Accompany finally hired her, and she worked with autistic children. It is likely that they never googled her name, and she lived in terror, wondering if someone was going to find auto of her basically giving the middle finger to all of America.

She has been terrified to let new people in. She hasn’t tried to date anyone. There would always be the question of whether they saw the photo, what they find the photo, and what they think.

This wasn’t a funny photo. There are plenty of those online where people pose in front of national statues and tried to be funny. It was a photo of her picking Abraham Lincoln’s nose, it may have been considered funny. Instead, she chose to flip the bird to one of the most honored monuments in the country.

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