What Happened To This Dying Puppy On Christmas Is Just Unbelievable


The last thing that anyone wants to be on Christmas is homeless, but life can deal us a bad hand every once in a while, leaving us with no place to go. Sometimes, people and animals are both left out in the cold, even though they have plenty of love to give.

In many cases, puppies are purchased for children as Christmas presents. While the intentions are certainly noble, some children are simply not cut out for pet ownership. When their parents become fed up with cleaning up after the animal, they are taken to a shelter and left to find a home before they are eventually euthanized.


No one seems to know if this was exactly the case for Nicolas, a German Shepherd-Chow mix who was brought to Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue on the day before Christmas. It would certainly seem likely, though.

Once Nicolas arrived at the shelter, it was determined by the vet who was on hand at the time that Nicolas was suffering from hypothermia. If the pup was not warmed up immediately, his chances of long term survival were grim at best.

As a result, the dog was swaddled in a sweatshirt and given all of the cuddles that he could handle, in an effort to keep him warm and stave off a likely fatality. In addition to this severe medical issue, Nicolas also had a broken jaw.

The pain that emanated from the dog’s mouth made it almost impossible for him to eat food or nurse on his own. Luckily, his foster mother was willing to take the time to feed him by hand. Over the course of time, Nicolas’ jaw began to heal and he grew big and strong. He was now ready for adoption.

Tom and Bea Johnson stepped up to the plate and decided to provide Nicolas with the home he deserved. With the love of his new parents, Nicolas has become a loving dog, and handsome, to boot. The Johnson family keeps an open line of communication with Nicolas’ rescuers, speaking to them each and every year.
For his part, Nicolas certainly remembers the efforts of his foster mother and is very appreciative for the help he received.
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