What Happens When This Squirrel Sees This Cat Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day!


Unlike humans, some animals do not need to know who you are, what you are and where you are from before they can get along with you. This is exactly what ensued between the cat and the squirrel in this video.

Although they have been friends since childhood, yet, they see no reason why they should let go of their relationship now that they have become adults.

Once upon a time, a squirrel lived in this house with a cat. Life in the home was peaceful, quiet and interesting. However, for one reason or the other, the squirrel decided to leave the house and be on his own. I guess he must have discussed his plans with his cat buddy before acting this way.

So as life would have it, the squirrel left the house and went into the wild to experience more about nature and to do what other squirrels do. Initially, his human friends thought he must have been missing they never knew that he had left the house to establish his own home too while hoping plans to live safely somewhere in the bush.


With time, they discovered that the squirrel often comes around to visit the home whenever he deemed it fit to do so. However, whenever he passes by there is one person he cannot avoid to spend some good moments with – his cat friend.

Of a truth, there are some animals that cannot and will never blend well even when they are domesticated as pets in the same house. The members of this family were not surprised to see their squirrel which has now come of age (i.e. grown into an adult) paying a visit to an old friend in the house.

From the look of things, they certainly miss each other. If squirrels could talk you would have had him say to the cat “Look how big you have grown… don’t you care to watch your weight?” No doubts the little critter was happy to see his friend and friend too could not hide his own feelings as they played together again as they used to do in the good old days.

What this squirrel is doing would always leave a lasting impression in the home.

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