What The Dog Does Has The Baby Laughing Uncontrollably – Wait Till You See!


There are few sounds in the world that are more enjoyable to listen to than a child’s laughter. There is a reason why we spend hours playing peekaboo or telling the same jokes over and over again. We love to hear our little ones laughing and enjoying life. This clip showcases a laughing child and those of you who are wondering what has this little baby laughing so loud will do well to watch this entire video.

For some reason, the mother at this dinner table has come up with the idea of throwing green beans into the air and letting the family dog catch them in their mouth. As anyone who already has a dog of their own knows, they are never going to resist an opportunity to eat people food straight from the kitchen or dining room table.
Dogs are also showmen by nature and they thrive on pleasing the crowd. The sound of laughter is music to a dog’s ears and encourages them to keep going, no matter what! The Labrador in this video definitely hears the laughter coming from baby and its parents, and as a result, this pup is not about to pass up an opportunity for a free meal.

To make matters even funnier, the dog starts to bark when the mother takes a break from tossing the green beans into the air. The Labrador is not going to let her stop tossing the beans until they are good and ready, darn it!

This dog definitely needs some props for its catching abilities. Green beans are not exactly the easiest food to catch with your mouth while they are still in the air, but it is no problem for this amazing dog. Maybe this family needs to take this show on the road, since they seem to like it so much.

Little Chase is surely enjoying himself and that is what matters most. Our children’s happiness is paramount and judging from this video, Chase and the Labrador are likely to be friends for quite some time. Who knows, they might even still be buddies by the time Chase is ready to slip the green beans off his plate and directly into the dog’s mouth.

You will have a hard time watching this clip without cracking a smile, so be sure to share it with the people in your life who could most use a pick me up!

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