Whale Lifts Her Calf To Meet Boaters


Whales are known as the largest mammals on the Earth, and may even be bigger than the ancient dinosaurs. A particular species of whale, the Blue whale, is the biggest creature on the Earth, and it can grow up to 30m and be 88 ½ foot long. It can also weigh over 200 tons. They are warm-blooded, and also give birth like humans and nurture their young with milk.


It takes approximately five to eight years for a female whale to reach sexual maturity. Their 16-19 ft. Calves are typically born only once in three years. These creatures have been in existence for about 18 million years and are also the most ancient beings on the planet. They are also considered as the most intelligent mammals on the Earth. The whales have the largest brain of all creatures alive, and it is the size of a small car.

For most boaters, it is the thrill of a lifetime to be able to see a whale at such a close range. Judging by the video, it is just a thrill for a lot of whales to see people as well.

Greg and Barbara MacGillivray voyaged to Laguna San Ignacio, which is found on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, and there, they were treated to an astounding experience. San Ignacio is any whale watcher’s dream, and tourists have a great chance of having an up-close meeting with a friendly whale.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube by One World One Ocean organization in 2012. And since then, it has racked up close to eight million views on YouTube, and you are about to find out why.

While they were swimming through the Mexico San Ignacio Lagoon, a whale calf, and his mother approached a boat which was filled with tourists.

When the tourists reached out to try to touch the whale, the mother whale lifted her calf out of the water so that they could get a better look and even get to pet him. The boaters were completely blown away when they saw they were petting not one whale, but two of them.

The whales in the San Ignacio Lagoon often approach small tourist boats, looking for human interaction. When they could effortlessly avoid the people, whose boats are not permitted to approach whales on close ranges, they seem to enjoy making contact.
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