We’ve All Seen Dogs Hug, But This? Oh My Goodness!


There are a number of human traits associated with dogs and while some may not be aware of this, dogs are some of the best huggers on the planet. Best of all, there is more than one way for a dog to give you a hug and make you feel loved.

By watching this video, you can learn more about the five different ways for a dog to hug the people they love. Just be sure to have a box of tissues nearby, since this video may make you shed a tear along the way.

The first hug that we get to see in this clip is called the sly hug and most of us can probably relate to moments like these in our own lives. Who among us hasn’t tried to obtain a hug from someone we cared about, without actually giving them one? The facial expression on the dog who is giving the sly hug is just too much!

The second hug is what’s known as the drag in and you’ll have to forgive us for not knowing that dogs even knew this common trick. But those who have been involved in fights with our significant others or the people we love can relate to this moment. Sometimes, a person doesn’t realize how much they need a hug until you force it on them. The look on the face of the smaller dog? Totally and completely priceless.

The next hug is for the less forceful huggers out there and is called the “light touch”. This hug reminds us of the hugs that you see people exchanging when they have already known each other for a very long time and have no reservations about being affectionate in public. Dogs are much like humans, in the sense that they love public displays of affection and being cared about.

If you would like to see the rest of these amazing hugging techniques for yourself, then be sure to watch this incredible clip. It just might be the best 35 seconds you spend all week and who knows? You just might end up learning a thing or two about a thing or two along the way.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=K0ZEfktmkcY”]
A good hug makes anyone feel better about their life. Once you’ve watched this hug compilation, be sure to pass it along to your friends and loved ones, so that they know how much you care about them.

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