We Thought This Adorable Creature Wasn’t Real, But The Truth Is Even More Surprising.


A lot of people are of the view that opossums are ugly animals with poor sight. People also believe that they are very slow animals and this makes them get hit by cars frequently. To cap it all up, opossums are believed to be unintelligent.

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But that is so far from the truth and the pictures you are about to see prove that so much. Opossums may look ugly from a distance, but if you get closer to them and get to spend some time with them, you will realize that they also possess their beautiful sides.

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These pictures show their adorable sides. Especially when they were putting on well tailored sweaters. You need to take the time to look at their beautiful tiny fingers and toes, their bulging eyes, their flurry body and their bat-like ears. You will definitely develop a soft spot for these arboreal animals.

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Although opossums may have difficulty with their sights during the day, they obviously see better than most animals in the dark or at nights as their vision is twice as sharp at this time because they are generally nocturnal animals.

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They exhibit their being social by hanging out with one another whenever they have the opportunity to do so. However, they have a weird and funny way of hanging out. They hang on tree branches upside down with their long, strong and prehensile tail wrapped around the tree branch.

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Being arboreal animals by nature, they can hang on tree branches with so much fun for long hours. Having the ability to eat both flesh and plant, feeding them will not be a headache. This makes it easy to keep them as pets.


You may think that they are not intelligent. Researches on them have shown otherwise. They are intelligent in their own way. They seem to find their way through a maze faster than most animals. Apart from that, they have better memory than all other animals. They obviously remember where their food is kept faster than a lot of animals.


Being very small in size, they are prey to so many kinds of animals. They have a strange way of protecting themselves. Since most animals don’t eat already dead animals, opossums have the ability to pretend to be dead for up to four hours.


Why not go through these pictures and find out our adorable opossums can be. And don’t keep the fun to yourself. Please share it.

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