We Need To Honor Our K9 Soldiers


Our servicemen do some amazing things overseas. They go through things we could never imagine and endure pain they are only able to endure because they have our love and support in their hearts while they are there. They know that once they come home, they are heroes. But they are not alone the task of keeping us safe and fighting for what we believe in.
They do stand up against the evil in humanity and whenever something unfair happens they step up to the task instead of just letting it be. I don’t want to get political here since a lot of people will certainly not like it, but I guess we can all agree that we need to fight for good, we need to fight to end certain problems in the world. This is what happened with slavery, people united and it progressively started to disappear, even though it was something accepted at the time, it is now a shameful thing.
March 13 was K9 Veterans Day, the day to salute all of the four-legged heroes that work alongside military and service members.
Sure, we can argue that slavery still exists nowadays but it is completely illegal and it exists because some people just don’t seem to have a heart in their bodies. They probably have a wallet pumping blood through their veins – that is why they see no problem with exploring other people for their financial gain.

Still there are a lot of things that are still accepted nowadays and that people still do. One of these things is what the Islamic State has been doing recently – torture. We need to fight against torture and we need to stand up for what we believe in. This is why almost 100 nations have already decided to declare war on the Islamic State, because no one believes that type of terrible things should be done to any living creature on earth.

But while we stand up for what we believe in, we do not go alone into the fight. We always have our best friends by our side because, well, they wouldn’t leave our side if the aliens invaded the earth and enslaved all of us. That is why we need to take some time off to honor them as well. They do a lot and they endure a lot just to be by our side and to protect us against ourselves.
The date commemorates the the day the U.S. K9 Corps was formed in 1942.
It’s incredible, really, when we think about it. Human beings need help from dogs to fight against each other. They shouldn’t have to deal with our insane stupidity, but they do, because they are the best friends we could have ever wished for. There might or might not be a God out there watching out for us, but if there isn’t, I still feel safe knowing dogs are around as well. To all of the past, present, and future service pups — thank you for your loyalty and bravery!

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