Watch What Happens When The Fire Pit Is Surrounded With Fans


The time honored tradition of the summer campfire is one of the most fun activities that a person can participate in. There is no experience that can be compared to it and many of our most treasured memories involve lazy, laid back nights, sitting around a fire with our loved ones and closest buddies. Maybe a beer or two was had, maybe some ghost stories, perhaps some S’mores were consumed, but the most important thing is that you had fun.
These memories will last for the rest of your life (or at least longer than the smell of camp fire smoke on your hair and clothes) and it is only natural for a person to want to take these memories to the next level. When you want to bring your next camp fire up a few notches, closely watch this entertaining and informative clip. There is a good chance you are going to need someone to retrieve your socks for you, after they have been knocked off.

With the help of the good people who work at Unallocated Space, you can turn that boring old fire into an awesome looking tornado. While this may sound really cool, it is easier said than done. Unless you follow the instructions in the video, you could be risking serious damage to adjacent homes and property. In order to begin creating the fire tornado, you will need to place several fans around the camp fire. Once the fans have been turned on, viewers can watch as the fire begins to take on a whole new shape and tenor. The wind that the fans provide turns what once was a plain old camp fire into an enormous fiery tornado.

It is important for those who wish to emulate to watch the video and pay close attention to how these men maintain the fire and ensure the safety of those who are sitting around it. The fans are consistently adjusted, so that the tornado does not have the opportunity to go too far into one direction. The movement of the fans also causes the fire tornado to take on different forms and shapes. This video provides a mesmerizing view for people to enjoy and will undoubtedly inspire many backyard camp fire enthusiasts to try out these techniques at their next soiree. Even better, the men who made this video have made the correct musical selections to enhance viewer enjoyment.

While many of us may be too frightened to try this at home, this video allows us to experience a fiery tornado, without actually being there. This clip is amazing to watch and you will be hard pressed not to recommend it to as many of your friends and family as possible.

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