Watch What Happens When These Orphaned Sisters Are Separated For 5 Minutes….


Cats are some of the most adorable pets around. They’ve ruled the Internet for a reason, and it’s safe to say that it must be their furry adorableness that conquered hearts the world over.

These sister-cats made waves as soon as Katies Furever Furbabies Sanctuary posted that they were up for adoption. YouTube user @moethebartender posted a squee-worthy video of these sister-kittens that found itself shared and reshared. To date, the video has 403,296 views.
The kittens themselves were up for adoption back in September 2015. While the Facebook Page for Katies Furever Furbabies Sanctuary has not indicated whether the two cats were still available for adoption, an interested would-be furparent of these two lovelies can always reach out to the Page. On the other hand, there are other adoptable cats on the Page, so if you’re looking to be someone’s new furparent, Katies Furever Furbabies Sanctuary is a great place to start.

One thing that’s gripping about this video is that the two cats seem to be inseparable. The video purrfectly shows how affectionate they are towards each other, and it seems like they look out for each other, too.

When on the lookout for pets, it would be a great option to adopt one from a shelter. These furry friends have generally had a harder time at life, and it would be great if someone took pity on them and gave them a happy home. More than that, most shelters dispose of their residents after a while, to make room for new ones. So if you can save a cat or a dog, someone like these two cuties, it would be a good deed, a great deed, indeed.

Cats, in general, are a bit more sensitive to stimuli, compared to dogs. So when adopting a cat, make sure that you have a carrier, a cat bag, and that you expose your pet to the outdoors “baby”-steps, or, rather, “kitty-steps” at a time. This way, your cat won’t be shocked at the plethora of stimuli coming at it at once.

Not all cats are affectionate towards humans, however, but they are affectionate towards each other. If you want to increase the chances that a cat would be affectionate towards you, it would be best to raise one from kittenhood.

It would also be great if you read up on cat care. Great resources include,, and You could also watch My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet or YouTube. This way, you’ll know how to take care of a cat, as they are radically different from dogs.
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These two kitty sisters do, indeed deserve to be adopted together. They’re just so adorable together, and they’re beautiful, too. Here’s hoping that they’ve found a home!

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