Watch This Police Officer’s Actions, You Will Be Stunned


Over the past weekend, one officer’s actions made the headlines. With all of the current negativity surrounding the discussions on police brutality, we are proud to report that this cop’s behavior went viral for all of the right reasons.

The police department of Bloomingdale, Illinois received a phone call from a concerned citizen and immediately sprung into action. When these brave officers headed out to handle the call and address the caller’s concerns, they had no idea that their actions would soon become viral. These officers were merely doing their job to the very best of their abilities.

So why were these officers called? A young woman (age 21), who is mentally disabled had gotten lost. She had wandered away from her home and her family and friends were clearly concerned. When the officers were finally able to track her down, she was lost, frustrated, afraid and confused.

All she wanted to do was go for a walk along the trails and she had gotten mixed up along the way. The presence of the police did not immediately assuage this woman’s fears and she was reticent to go with them at first.

Officer Michael Giovenco sensed this woman’s trepidation and he had the perfect solution: he offered to take her out to the trails himself and walk alongside of her. This cop’s kind heart shone through and even though he only recently became an officer earlier this year, he showed great skill and compassion in helping this woman who was in need.

All it took was a few minutes with this genuine and helpful office to make the woman feel at ease. She then allowed him to walk her back to her place of residence, to the immense relief of those who were worried about her whereabouts.

To put her at ease, the officer even held her head for the duration of their journey, which allowed her fear to melt away. The other officers followed behind the happy pair and recorded their heartwarming journey home, posting it to their department’s Facebook page.

In a world starved for positive headlines about the great work that the best police officers are responsible for doing in their communities, this clip immediately went viral and was shared by thousands of people whose hearts were also warmed by the simple, yet effective actions of this compassionate officer.

It is great to see a police officer who not only protects the community, but also remembers that a huge part of his job is to serve it as well. Please take a moment to watch this inspiring clip and to share it with all of your friends across each of your preferred social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.


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