Watch This Pitbull Play Find The Baby


While some would never allow a pitbull to be around their baby, due to the stigmas of society, there are others who realize just how friendly and playful these animals can be. The temperament of a pitbull has everything to do with its upbringing. If the pitbull is raised to be kind and play well with others, then that is just what it will do. If it is trained to kill, then that is what it will do.

But the pitbull in this clip could not be any less interested in causing trouble. The family in the video has come up with a great game for their dog to play. The pitbull you are about to meet is named Diesel and the game is called “find the baby”. At first, the dog and the baby have both retreated to their separate corners of the domicile.

As soon as Diesel receives the go ahead, he springs into action. What starts off as a normal day of him lounging in bed, hanging out by the television set soon becomes something else altogether. The family tells Diesel to go find Ridley (the baby) and this dog definitely knows exactly who they are talking about.

Pitbulls do not always have the greatest reputation, since so many people allow the media to affect their opinion of these amazing animals. A pitbull does not wish to hurt a human and it can be sad to see an animal with such a huge capacity to love end up being forced into a life of crime and savagery.

These dogs are not meant to be savage beasts, they are meant to bring love and happiness wherever they go. Diesel is proof that a dog’s upbringing has everything to do with their ability to spend time around small children. Ridley has never been safer than she is in this moment.

Diesel’s expectant eyes are beyond adorable and the video will definitely warm your heart. Best of all, it is just 34 seconds long. If you are anything like us, you just might find yourself watching it more than once.

If you would like to see the end result of this clever little game between Diesel and Ridley, then be sure to watch the entire video. This dog and baby are definitely in the beginning stages of what should be a very rewarding bond.

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