Watch This Loyal Bird Bring His Unconscious Friend Back To Life


It isn’t every day that you get to peek in on a little bit of bird life. Everyone thinks that birds are just there, flying around. This video shows something very different.

Stupid glass windows. That’s probably what this little bird’s friend thought when he saw the bird crash into the glass of a store and then fall to the ground.

The good news is that the little birdy that is down on the ground had some help from his friend. He wasn’t abandoned in his time of need. Instead, the dazed bird have a friend at his side. At first, the bird doesn’t know what to think. He is looking at is unconscious friend, and seems to be confused. When he doesn’t think that the bird is dead, he begins talking to him, moving him back and forth, and really getting upset.

You can see that this bird is obviously very attached to his friend. He isn’t planning on flying away until he has his friend at his side. He isn’t going to give up. At one point, I wish the camera zoomed in because it looks like the bird is giving his friend mouth-to-mouth, or beak to beak as it is. While that probably didn’t happen, it sure looks like it.

Moments later, the bird is up and flies off as though nothing ever happened. This turned out to be such a great story, and the fact that it was captured on video makes it that much more special. We never think about birds being compassionate, yet this video is proof that they are very capable of compassion.

Who knows what would’ve happened to the bird that fell unconscious to the ground if his friend had been around. Birds are known for having the largest of brains, so there is the possibility that this will happen again – and it might be the birdy friend that it happens to next. Hopefully, the bird will remember how his friend helped him, and show the same compassion.
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In the background, you can hear some of the other birds talking as well, as if to make sure that the bird is going to step up and be as compassionate as they know we can be.

This is such a great story, so go ahead and share away.

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