Watch This German Shepherd Bond With Baby


When it comes to German shepherds, there are many who are fearful of these large dogs and the idea of having one around a little baby just might be too much to fathom. However, the German shepherd in this clip proves these notions wrong and shares a precious, hilarious moment with this small child, one that you will have to see in order to truly believe.

German shepherds have always been known as one of the most protective dog breeds and homeowners often rely on them as a form of home security. In many instances, a German shepherd is more of a deterrent than any weapon the head of a household could keep on hand. When properly trained, they can serve as a valuable protector, not only for your household, but for baby, as well.

The German shepherd in the video has life all figured out, as he managed to find a way to stand guard over this little baby, while also playing with him at the same time. It is a treat to watch how much fun this German shepherd and small child are having with one another and it just may change your perception about the threat posed by this particular breed of dog.

His methods for entertaining the child are harmless and involve your normal, average, everyday squeaky toy. The German shepherd finds the green squeaky toy, as well as a way to combine his security guard duties with a little bit of fun. This toy gave this two the opportunity to strengthen their bond.

The dog stands over the child, not to intimidate, but in a more playfully aggressive manner. The toy is dangling from the dog’s mouth, which only serves to delight the child even more. The toy continues to make the squeakiest of noises and the child is enjoying himself so much, his parents have no choice but to leave him and the dog alone in their moment of happiness.

All you can hear is the sound of repeated squeaks, followed by the most delightful giggles from the little boy. The German shepherd is clearly enjoying the game and does not have any intentions of stopping anytime soon. The dog even provides a helpful lesson when it comes to sharing, by bringing the toy close enough for the boy to touch.

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