The House Got Quiet – Mom Burst Into Laughter Finding Her Daughter Doing THIS To The Dog


How about painting the nails of your dog with colorful polish next time you are bored out of your wits? The little girl in this funny video sure knows how to spend her leisure time having fun with her pet. And as a dog owner you ought to keep track of all the dog’s latest trends going abuzz but that’s a totally different story.

Dobermans are wonderful as pets to own but often considered aggressive. Watching this video made me think otherwise. He patiently waits for his owner to complete the task of painting each of his nails using a different color and doesn’t move or gets fidgety until it is blow dried!

Well, that needs a whole lot of patience. The Doberman in the video might have thought the pain is worth the price of getting all the attention from other dogs while his owner takes him for a walk to the park next time. Or maybe he was eying for someone special and decided it is time to take action and start impressing. Dogs too have the ability to fall in love as researchers who study dog’s behavior found out.

Whatever the case, this video is too cute and funny. I stumbled upon this video in a social networking site and decided it is too funny not to share with other viewers and especially dog lovers. Whatever dogs do, they have a special way of garnering love and finding a way into our hearts. This Doberman and the little girl made me laugh throughout the entire video.

Who would expect an aggressive breed of dog to wait upon so patiently for getting his nail polished? It is ridiculously funny and so adorable at the same time. The dog must have been disciplined by the owner like a pro and rewarded for his good behavior constantly. It is said dogs respond to rewards and reinforcements well and continues to behave more in the same manner when appreciated.

If you own a dog that is not likely to receive the prize for good behavior like the Doberman in this video, don’t forget to reward him on certain days he chooses to behave fairly well. Stop the reinforcement if he falls back on the same bad behavioral track and continue to repeat the process again. In time he will understand how he needs to behave if he has to be rewarded and mind you dogs are suckers of love, attention, and pampering, and so he will be on his way to acquire that soon.

Punishing a dog as a treatment is a flat NO. It never helps to use violence on a dog to change his behavior traits. In fact, the scenario is worsened and you will have more hard days with your pet than have fun which you are actually supposed to have when you own a dog as a pet.

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