WATCH: My Wife Has Been Baking For Decades, And Not Even She Knew This Trick To Measuring Flour Correctly


Made from grinded cereal grains like wheat, maize, beans and other crops like cassava, flour powder is the most essential ingredient for most baked foods which include, bread, cake, biscuits, crackers etc. while some foods which do not require baking derive their source from flour example of which includes pastries, noodles, pasta etc. A common product known as roux which serves as a base for thickening sauces and gravy is made from flour especially wheat flour. Flour powder also serves as the base for papier-mâché.
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The use and importance of flour cuts across many cultures and traditions in the world, which makes it one of the most highly consumed food products in the world today. Since history, the product had been an issue that has called for both economic and political concerns.

The product is well recognized in virtually all continents of the world, this includes America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The most common foods that are often associated with flour are bread and pasta.

Though wheat has always been the main source of flour, maize has also been linked to play a significant role in the production of flour powder. It is often been used to prepare meals in several countries in the American continent. Example is the popular cornstarch that is used as a major ingredient in thickening most desserts and puddings and used as a vital ingredient in packaging custard. However, other uncommon sources of flour powder include rye, rice, and cassava.

So, as a major baking ingredient, the use of flour to produce baked food is highly necessary. Nevertheless, the amount of flour in a meal can make or mar its taste. As a baker, it is important that you know how to apply the right quantity of flour into your baking recipe so as to prepare a great meal.

It sounds a little bit funny when you find people who have been in the baking business for quite a long time and that they cannot categorically state the amount of flour they employ to bake. This is because they have no definite measurement. This will cause variance in taste and weight of their baked products.

Here is a little trick you can imbibe to start applying accurate flour measurement into your baking recipe and avoid measuring too much or too little amount of flour powder:

– Avoid compacting the powder in the flour bag with your measuring cup, instead use a spoon to mix and stir the flour.

– After that, do not use the measuring cup to scoop the flour but use the spoon to dish it out into the measuring cup.

– Fill it up to the brim and then flatten the top with a knife.

– With the right measurement you will achieve the right weight.

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