Watch How This Man Saves Money On His Heating Costs


The creator of this video has a clever solution for this common issue and he has graciously decided to share his revelation with the rest of us. All it takes to achieve the same low heating costs that the creator of the video enjoys is some bubble wrap and a little bit of water. Since these are resources that anyone can easily obtain at very little cost, there is no reason not to give this video a try.

As the video begins, we see that the homeowner has covered his sliding door with sheets of plastic bubble wrap. These sheets serve as valuable insulation and allow the rest of the plan to work as it should. He has also covered the doors to his balcony with the sheets of bubble wrap, which keeps all of the major orifices of the home protected.

Not only is this method extremely efficient and cost effective, it can increase the temperature inside of a person’s home by at least ten degrees during the coldest of months. The creator of the video shows you how to apply the bubble wrap to your windows and doors and even gives a tutorial about how to properly spray them first.

By spraying the windows with water first, it allows the bubble wrap to become much more adhesive, so it sticks to the doors and windows without any danger of falling off. He also uses tapes on the edges, to keep wind and condensation from being able to sneak in through any corners that have gone neglected.

When you follow the methods in the video to the letter, your home will experience a much higher temperature, at no additional cost to you or your heating bill. This simple, yet clever way to save money should be at the top of every homeowner’s to do list. Staying warm AND saving money? What’s not to like?

Thanks to the Internet, we can learn more about these sorts of life hacks and become much more frugal, without making any kind of financial sacrifice. We no longer have to live through the tyranny of paying exorbitant heating costs year after year. Instead of being held hostage by the electric companies, we are now able to beat them at their own game. Without clever ideas such as these, the majority of us would simply turn up the thermostat and ask questions later.

Source: Clever way to save money on heating bills by yongnam367c on Rumble

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