VIDEO: When This Biker Gang Rides Up To A Scared Little Girl, I Never Expected Them to Do This


When most of us see a group of bikers, our first instinct is to clutch our wallets and purses or to hide in fear. However, the group of bikers in this clip is not like the rest. They have dedicated their lives to protecting children who have been victimized by abuse or who are currently at risk. The nonprofit organization is known as Bikers Against Child Abuse and their efforts deserve more recognition. John Paul Lilly, who works at a licensed clinical social worker, took notice of the fact that child who were experiencing abuse were not always able to receive the support that they so desperately needed. Children who have been victims of abuse need to feel safe and receive regular therapy sessions. Lilly’s work with needy children inspired him to found Bikers Against Child Abuse. This organization’s objective is to provide the care and support that abused children all over the country are sorely lacking. The organization also provides financial and emotional support to these children.
Upon the assignment of a new child, Bikers Against Child Abuse organizes a ride for their entire chapter. They head out to meet the child in person and provide them with a list of names and numbers in their area that they can call if they are ever in need of help. No matter what happens, the bikers pride themselves on making themselves available for children who are experiencing abuse.

The little girl in this video is about to learn about the group of men that she now has in her corner. As Lilly delivers a Bikers Against Child Abuse patch to the understandably nervous child, he lets her know that the abuse she has experienced is a thing of the past, that she now has a support group who will make sure she is always taken care of.

Thanks to the help of Bikers Against Child Abuse, children no longer have to accept abuse as a part of their day to day existence. With these bikers standing behind them, a child does not have to fear their abusers, thanks to their newfound support system.

Heartwarming stories like these prove that a person should never judge a book by their cover. Although these bikers may seem intimidating at first blush, their intentions are pure and their aim is to ensure that these children never experience another moment of pain.

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