VIDEO: When He Took His Little Girl Fishing, He Never Could Have Imagined She’d Reel THIS In, WHOA!


This is an absolutely cute little video that not only demonstrates the benefit of taking children fishing but also shows that children will and always do surprise their parents. The real idea is to take time with your kids so they know you and know you care about them.
Zoe looks to be maybe five years old at most. Zoe, her sister, and her father are fishing at a small pond. When the video opens, Zoe is cranking down on a kid’s fishing rod reeling in a fish.

From the bend in the rod and the effort the little girl is exerting to get the fish to land, you have to think that this is a pretty big fish.
The father grabbed his phone or camera and began filming this event that is destined to be a classic family memory for a lifetime. The man eventually gives the phone to his little girl so he can show off the big fish that she caught.

Zoe is dead set on landing the big fish. Her father is ecstatic, jubilant, and blown away to say the least.

The little girl is excited but the father is hilariously excited. He is trying to encourage his little girl but he does not expect that the fish she is hauling in is so big.

When Zoe finally gets the fish to land it is really a big fish. The fish is a largemouth bass that may weigh between five and seven pounds. The fish is more than half as long as little Zoe is tall.

The man goes all out to encourage his girl to catch the fish but has the good sense to not help her reel the fish in although he does help grab the fish off the bank before it flops away and escapes.

Zoe is exuberant at having caught the huge fish.

The fact that the little girl caught this big fish all by herself is reiterated by her father over and over again. This is simply good parenting. Even at a young age you have to let your child succeed or fail on their own so they lean how to accept both common events in life.

To say that the father is encouraging Zoe is a mild understatement. The man is truly more excited than the little girl and his every word is filled with hope that Zoe lands the fish and fear that she will not. The man is so excited that he is just hilarious.

The father encourages the little girl to not let the pole go but looking at the stance and face of the little girl one doubts anything could make her let go of the pole or the fish. Kids are a lot more mentally tough than we give them credit for.

This little amateur video has a lot going for it. You get excitement, a cute little girl, and a hilariously stunned father. The message is that parents must do things with their children if they want the best for their kids and for themselves.

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