VIDEO: When He Sliced His Pint Of Ice Cream Up, I Thought He Was Crazy. But The Reason? GENIUS!


The ice cream sandwich was thought to be invented in the summer of 1900 in New York. A sidewalk vendor pressed a ¼” slice of vanilla ice cream between two water wafers. He used a tin mold to press this extraordinary treat. He was kept so busy, he insisted on exact change of one cent each for his unique and tasty sensation.
Now you can make ice cream sandwiches yourself! The world of ice cream has grown. You can use traditional vanilla or gourmet flavors! You do not need a tin press, and you using this simple and delicious recipe from Buzzfeed, you can create a mess-free and incredible delight. This is something you will want to see!

Until now, the ice cream sandwich left a lot to be desired when it came to assembly! Keeping the cookies together, without making a huge mess with the ice cream could be very frustrating! But then Buzzfeed got a hold of it.

Select your favorite ice cream. Any ice cream that comes in a pint container is fair game. It can be store brand or specialty ice creams with gourmet flavors. The selections are almost limitless. Now you will need two cookies. You need the large cookies and soft cooked cookies are usually best as they are easy to maneuver. You can buy packaged cookies or fresh baked cookies from the bakery. If you want to get real adventurous, you can bake your own! Finally, you need a sharp knife, which is large enough to slice through the pints easily.

Turn the frozen pint of ice cream, still in the container, on its side. Now use the knife to slice through the entire pint into perfectly round spheres. Leave the paper ring around the edge for now. Take each sphere of ice cream and place it between two large and soft cookies. (You can microwave the cookie to make it softer if you want to) Once the cookies are in place, simply peal the paper ring away. You have just created your very own ice cream sandwich.

This is a wonderful idea for children’s parties or family bar-b-ques. They can easily be made by the children with a little assistance (an adult should do the cutting, of course). Slicing various flavors of ice cream and providing a wide selection of cookies makes this a for sure winner for any summer get together!

These can be made in advance and wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the freezer to be convenient for any situation. If you have any supplies left over, make a few to keep on hand in your freezer for yourself! One thing is certain; you will be the hero of the day with this easy and delicious idea!

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