This Video Of Various Animals Fighting For Owner’s Attention Is Guaranteed To Make Your Day!


In this video, there’s a pig and a cow sitting on grass next to a guy. There’s a barn in the background along with trees. After cuddling and petting the animals, a dog scampers in front of the scene.

It is much more active than the pig and the cow, which just sits around. They did manage to shake their heads though while interacting with the guy. But that wasn’t as impressive as the dog. It quickly attracted the attention of the guy, and he grabbed a hold of it and started cuddling it in his arms.
Then the video gets strange. It quickly cuts to a scene of the guy cuddling the cow. Both are seated on the grass, while the dog minds his business and the pig sleeps. A cat sneakily walks in the background, right of the scene, just before there’s a faded transition.

The next scene shows the cat, with its tail in the air, attracting the attention of the guy. The pig is suddenly stirred from its sleep, and the guy pets it. He continues showing affection to the pig, and the cow appears to sense the good-will through interactions with the pig; the cattle places its head on the back of the pig.

Then something even more astounding and unexplainable happens. The guy starts kissing the pig. The cow rests its head on the grass in disbelief.

This guy looks like he forgot what cute and cuddly meant. It appears these animals are not bothered by the presence of the person, and the person isn’t worried about anything either. It’s like they are in a state of bliss. Animals getting along with people isn’t normal. In fact, one side has to usually dominate the other. Then, they might get along. This is a common practice for taming horses or domesticating other wild animals.

Dogs need to be trained and that usually starts at an early age when they are still puppies. Dogs can be kept as pets and have a close relationship with their owners. Pigs and cows aren’t supposed to be breed for companionship. They are on Earth for sustenance. Societies breed them for mass consumption.
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This leads to another theory about the purpose of animals and their relationship to man. Since population would inevitably grow in a modern world, there has to be a population of animals to sustain that growth. Mass breeding of animals probably leads to some genetic abnormalities, and this video shows some of them.

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