VIDEO: This Puppy Was Terrified Of Everything. But What Soon Became His Unlikely Best Friend? ADORABLE!


This is a cute little video about a rescued puppy named Ruggles. The miniature little Shih-Tzu puppy was rescued from a puppy mill by the Cherokee County animal shelter. His friend Chompers the kitty was also rescued from under a porch. The cute video has been viewed 800,000 times on YouTube. This is one popular video.
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Watch as the cute kitty sized puppy named Ruggles is brought out of his shell by this feisty little kitten named Chompers. You will love this video of the two making friends and playing together.

The old saying about fighting like cats and dogs does not apply here. Watch and see the tiny Ruggles wobbling along with his cute large head. The pair run and play together. They play together not fighting like regular kids. They play with toys together and even wrestle and play with each other.

Ruggles was in a shell but with the help of Chompers he comes out and plays just like a regular puppy dog. The pair is about the same size but chompers does seem to have the upper hand on the small puppy. Watch as Ruggles plays with a ball that is almost bigger than he is.

Both of them get adopted to good homes. They wanted to be adopted to the same homes but Chompers was getting too rough with little Ruggles. Ruggles had some personal health problems so the animal shelter thought it best to be adopted to separate homes.

Ruggles is the spokesperson for the Cherokee animal shelter for stopping puppy mills from happening. Ruggles travels to local schools to help educate. This pair has really helped each other move on to better lives. The pair is adorable and you will get a kick when you watch this video.

Little Ruggles is a riot as you watch him wiggle along in this video. Chompers the little grey and white kitty is so much fun watching him play with his new friend. The two have a ball together. Chompers bites at Ruggles tail and they play just like two little brothers.

Both Ruggles and Chompers are in the homes they deserve now and you really feel happy for the pair. Watch this short bouncy video and you will fall in love with these cuddly creatures. Ruggles the little puppy wobbles along capturing your heart. You will be glad to see the happy ending between the two. Who said cats and dogs can’t get along. When you see this, you will become a true believer.

Little Ruggles was afraid of everything when he showed up at the animal shelter but now he is the star. Ruggles along with his new parent spreads the word about puppy mills and putting them out of business. Be sure to watch this cute and informative video about Ruggles and Chompers and pass it on.

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