VIDEO: The Gymnast Steps Into A Strange Contraption. But When the Music Starts, I’m Blown Away!


Many of us get a particular thrill out of watching other people perform amazing feats of athleticism and agility. The best feats are those that incorporate artistry into the mix. Whether we enjoy these sorts of clips because they take us back to the days when we could pull off these sorts of maneuvers or whether we appreciate those who can do the things we never could, getting a chance to witness another person at the top of their game is always compelling viewing.
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You would be forgiven if you’ve never truly paid attention to gymnastics. Most of us only give gymnastics a cursory glance during the Olympic games, only to go back to ignoring it again once they are over. But if you are looking to expand your horizons and enjoy new feats of athletic dominance, this short clip is just the one for you to watch.

The particular gymnastic technique shown in this video originated in Germany and is known as wheel gymnastics. The technique uses the Rhönrad gymnastics wheel as the performance’s centerpiece. There are no uneven bars to be found, no pommel horses, no rings, no balance beam, making this a truly unique gymnastics event that is only for the true aficionados.

Watching a gymnast use this wheel to perform a variety of moves can be quite spellbinding. Watching this clip is a truly mind blowing experience. Otto Feick, who was the son of a blacksmith, invented the wheel nearly one hundred years ago, all the way back in 1925. Even though it has yet to become an official Olympic event, it was introduced to the world at large during the 1936 Berlin Olympic games.

Jenny Hoffman is one of the top gymnasts in the world when it comes to incorporating the wheel into her routines. The sheer strength, the balance, the coordination, it all comes together to create a performance that will leave you awestruck and picking up your jaw off the floor. The amount of athletic skill and talent that it takes to successfully pull off such a routine is unparalleled and places Hoffman among the world’s top athletes.

Not only does the gymnast need to be skilled at their routine, but they must also learn how to navigate the different movements of the wheel, adding a certain degree of difficulty. The wheel’s momentum is enough to overpower novice gymnasts and only the best of the best can successfully pull off such a complicated routine.

Videos like these are wonderful to watch, as the spectacular becomes routine. After watching this video, do you believe that wheel gymnastics should become an Olympic event? If so, share this video with as many friends and family as you can, in order to get the word out!

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