Video Shows Homeless Dog Shaking, Trying To Make Himself ‘Invisible’


Although this tan and white Staffordshire bull terrier is yet to have a name he has already got a story. Just last week he was found as a stray and brought to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) in Arizona. Obviously, this dog was never prepared to live in the city shelter; he was literally fidgeting when he heard the barking and howling of other dogs in the shelter.

The posture of the dog shows how petrified he could be. He sits with his head lowered to the ground with a closed mouth and tucked tail between his legs. As he listens with keen interest to the noise emanating from the background, he trembles while feeling so threatened at the same and wishing he could disappear.
Probably, this terrier must have had bad experiences in the past. The present situation in which he had found himself must have caused him to remember some bad experiences. Sometimes obsessive/compulsive behavior coupled with fear can occur in the same dog as is the case with this unnamed dog.

Perhaps this terrier might be suffering from separation anxiety – a special kind of fear of being left alone or noise anxiety – the fear for unpleasant sounds or noise. Whatever the case is, no doubt, this dog is currently overcome with anxiety and needs support to get over fearlessness or this problem is likely to continue this way and even get worse with time if volunteers do not come to his aide and help him out.

While volunteers have put the dog on hold at the shelter, they are hoping that somebody will be moved by the touching glimpse this video has presented about the troubled dog’s life, to step up and claim him.

He’s currently on hold at the shelter, but will be available for adoption on Tuesday morning. If you or someone you know can give him a home, please contact MCACC East at (602) 506 PETS. He’s currently known as #A3699791.

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