VIDEO: She Doesn’t Listen To The Directions She Was Given. But The Result? HILARIOUS!


No matter how you feel about your childhood or how much you enjoyed certain activities, there is bound to be a video or a photo circulating throughout the family of a time when you did not know what to do. Watching children become confused by simple instructions is a time honored tradition, one that we all must go through at some point.
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Children are free spirits by nature, as they have yet to experience the grind of the real world. Simply put, they do not know any better. Seeing kids do whatever they please can even make us pine for our younger days. We often fail to appreciate how good we have it, until it is too late and we are more worried about 401Ks and promotions.

This video is a great example of this principle in action. This adorable little tap dancer is all ready for her moment in the spotlight. After all, what child doesn’t enjoy having all eyes on them and soaking in the attention of their adoring audience? This child steals the show and the best part is that she does so without even trying to.

Although her moves are quite silly, the joy she is experiencing on that stage is infectious, for both the audience in attendance and viewers at home. Dance recitals involving children tend to go a little bit off the rails at times, as it is next to impossible to expect small children to learn the complexities of tap dancing. A teacher would probably have a better chance of teaching them a foreign language!

“Broadway Baby” by Stephen Sondheim is the soundtrack to this tap dance recital and while the rest of the children are doing their best to stick with the steps that they were taught by their dutiful instructor, this little girl decided that she needed to put her own spin on the proceedings.

This pint size tap dancing queen decides to move completely independently of the rest of the group. While the other children are doing their absolute best to handle the routine the right way, the little girl in this video does not have time for such things. This child has made the song her very own and is clearly having the time of her life while doing so.

At one point, the child even stops dancing completely, in order to get her friend’s attention. The other child is dancing her heart out, as our heroine waves at her frantically. The audience is unable to keep a straight face, as you can hear their laughter at this little girl’s hilarious Sondheim interpretation.

What is your opinion of this little girl’s dancing? Did you enjoy it as much as the audience did? If so, share this video with your friends and family, so that you can enjoy it together!

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