VIDEO: I Was About To Throw This Necklace Away. Then He Showed Me This Simple Trick To Get Any Knot Out


If you are anything like the rest of us, you get incredibly frustrated when your necklace becomes knotted. After repeated attempts to remove these knots without success, those of us who are more quick to temper may simply decide to throw these necklaces away. But what they do not know is that there is a simple trick to remove these knots and it is one click away!
While the knots are hard to untie and doing so in an incorrect manner can actually damage jewelry further, there is no reason to continue to risk irreparable damages to your finest gold and silver necklaces. By watching Crazy Russian Hacker’s clip, you can remove the knots in minutes and return to wearing your necklaces as much as you would like.

Thanks to this helpful clip, you no longer have to struggle with these cumbersome necklace knots. Instead of getting your panties all in a bunch and throwing away valuable pieces of jewelry in frustration (or selling them to a cash for gold outlet for pennies on the dollar), you can now salvage them with ease.

The majority of the population does not have fingers that are small enough to untie all of these knots. Would you like to change your jewelry collection forever? Then all you need is a very tiny screwdriver and a smooth surface in which to work with.

In this clip, the viewer watches as the man in the video shows us a smaller gold chain that has become all knotted up. From there, he rests it on top of the smooth surface and picks up the small screwdriver, with the intention of using both of his hands to untangle the necklace.

From there, he takes the end of the screwdriver and pokes into the knot’s center. After finding the center, it’s time to take the necklace and roll it back and forth across the smooth table. As if by some sort of magic, the knot begins to loosen up and slowly unravels. The entire process takes just a few seconds and before you know it, your seemingly useless necklace has now become a vital part of your jewelry collection again.

Videos like these aim to bring an end to the common frustrations that people experience. The Internet continues to make the world a smaller place and no matter what you are experiencing, there is a good chance that someone else is suffering from the same problem and has already come up with a viable solution.

As far as life hacks go, this one ranks at or near the top of the list. If you think that this trick would work for you or one of your friends, share the video today on your preferred social media platform!

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