VIDEO: He Takes A Ruined Wood Pallet And Rips It Apart. What He Transforms It Into? I Need One!


In this video you will learn how to recycle a condemned pallet into a beautiful wine rack. A pallet is a wooden structure used in lifting heavy objects with a forklift machine. Pallets come in different sizes and most times due to overuse they are damaged and thrown away. You can pick up this condemned pallet for free from dump sites.
Wine racks are used for displaying different wines in a wine bar, the wine bar could be in your sitting room or in a guest house. The steps in the video will guide you to construct a wine rack.
Tools needed for construction of wine rack

The basic tool needed are, hammer, hand saw, nails, sand paper, glue and sprayer. These tools can be gotten from a local shop or you can borrow these tools from your neighbors or friends.

It is also advisable to have a little knowledge of carpentry; this will go a long way to help you put the right woods together.

How to construct a wine rack from a pallet (Do it yourself)

Now that you have all the tools and the pallet you can start reconstructing it by taking the following steps:

1. Get the wood sprayer and spray the pallet to bring out a beautiful texture that makes it look brand new.

2. Take the necessary measurement.

3. Saw off some parts of the wood where you took the measurement and from there you can reshape it into a wine rack.

4. Smooth the wood surfaces with a sand paper. Rough ends make the job look like something done by an amateur.

5. Join the pieces of wood that have been sawed off together to form the shape of a wine rack.

6. Gauge and measure the wood.

7. Now that you are sure the woods a perfectly positioned, you can nail the pieces together.

8. Drill some holes into the rack for hanging glass cups, glue and nail a piece of wood to cover the drills.

9. Now that the wine rack is ready, nail it to the part of the wall where you intend to have a wine bar.

10. Hang some glass cups and place some bottles of wine on display.

Isn’t it elegant? The fact that you did it all by yourself gives you a sense of achievement.


One man’s food is another man’s poison. So when the rich dispose their furniture and gadgets, you can pick them up for free and recycle them. By doing this, you will save cost and add more to your collections.

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