VIDEO: He Reveals A Gas Station Scam That Has Likely Happened To You Without You Even Knowing


A YouTube video showing a malfunctioning gas pump has gone viral. Kaloyan Pechevski shot the video after he prepaid twenty-five dollars but noticed the pump was charging money without being touched.
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The purchase was made at a Citgo gas station just outside Wheeling, Illinois. Pechevski noticed the irregularity immediately. To be sure he was not imagining the mishap and to prove it to others, he did what many do in this digital age to gather evidence. He whipped out his phone and began recording video, as well as called others to the pump to witness the event unfolding.

Pechesevi placed the pump handle on his vehicle and as the video rolled the pump continued taking off money from the prepaid purchase he had made. He immediately brought the matter to the attention of the store attendant and requested they refund his $25.

Pechevski uploaded the video as a warning to customers to pay attention that gasoline pumps. He wondered whether it was truly a malfunction or an attempt by station owners to scam money from unsuspecting customers. It immediately became a hit and got people talking. It was also noticed by The Blaze media. The newspaper hunted around for answers from the station’s owner, only to be given the turnaround.

According to The Blaze , the paper was told the owner was not in nor available for comment. Pecksevski, although suspicious about the untouched running pump said he was told by the gas attendant that the pump sometimes gets loose.

Pecksevski did not say whether the station offered an apology for his inconvenience. Since social media allows immediacy many companies have been caught with their pants down, so to speak. Many, particularly larger companies, see the value of monitoring their online reputation and ordering up swift solutions to customers experiencing discomfort at their company’s hands.

It is not clear if social media responses should come from the local dealership or if corporate should step in to offer an explanation as well as a solution to the wayward pump incident. Generally speaking social media monitoring keeps companies on their toes because it deters them from providing shoddy service.

It also keeps companies informed about what are doing right and teaches them a lesson about engaging their fan base. They don’t want to wait until there is a problem before showing their faces. Regular engagement with customers is the key to a company’s success. This means asking for comments, sponsoring contests or even giving something of value to the customer as a show of appreciation. Any number of things can be done to keep customers appeased. Sure, companies are in business to profit but it cannot be done at the customer’s expense. Customers usually remain loyal to brands which depict honesty in their business dealings.

Also, customers sense sincerity and are often receptive when companies admit fault and make honest attempts at resolving them. Time will tell what will happen to the Wilmette Citgo Station, especially since the video about its wayward pump has gone viral. To not do anything will put them at risk of losing money and valued relationships.

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