VIDEO: He Puts A Cap On A Piece Of Paper, Then Sprays Paint Around It. When He Removes It? AWESOME


You are going to see a lot of things when you walk down a city street, lamp posts, cops, vagrants, and tons of people. You may even notice graffiti in the alley ways. The use of spray paint in the streets is not a new idea. Gangs have used it for years to mark their territory. But if you are lucky you may get to see this guy use a can of spray paint.

Painting with a Twist, eat your heart out. Obviously a European artist due to the sign requesting Euros as payment lies on the sidewalk. This artist whips out a tropical paradise in 6 minutes while the impressed passerby’s stop to witness his talent. His large pieces sell for 20 Euros which at the time of this writing is the equivalent to around $23 American Dollars. He combines art with street performer and capitalizes on his skills. Not only is he amazing to watch but also inspiring. After his performance you will want to run out and start an art project.

It seems like pennies for such a work of art that contains a moment in time forever captured in history. Just imagine telling everyone that you have a painting by a guy that you met on the street and you filmed him painting it. That’s a cocktail party story that everyone will understand especially if you pull out your phone and share the video.

If you watch carefully you will realize that he is able to move with such speed and confidence while snagging the spray cans because they have been marked by color on the tops. It is unclear in the video exactly how many colors of spray paint that he uses due to the tucked away location. He seems to know the location of every item that he needs without wasting any time. His extreme organization is referred to as 5 S in manufacturing and is used to shave seconds off of production lines.

The use of color really pops in the center of his man made paradise when he adds the darker perimeter and the black palm trees. He overlaps the colors with expert precision. He uses a straightedge to separate the sky from the ocean and to stop over spray. Also notice that he is painting on thick paper and not a canvas. If you look next to where he is painting you will see an array of circular objects that you can assume are used for other paintings in the same way that he used the spray paint cap to protect the sun.

The crowd is extremely pleased and who wouldn’t be after witnessing that performance. The piece is instantly sold and the artist moves on to the next.

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