VIDEO: He Burned His Key with a Lighter Then He Showed Me Why He Did It. I’ll Never Forget THIS!


It has happened to all of us. You find yourself locked out of your house and you do not have a spare key. It is one of those things you always intended to take care of but never remember until you actually need the spare key. There are few options here and none that are not costly! You can break a window and let yourself in. Then of course, you will have to pay for a new window and clean up the mess. Not to mention, setting off your alarm in the middle of the night to make sure all of your neighbors know about your genius plan. Or you can do what most of us do. Call a locksmith, so only the locksmith will know how stupid you feel. Then you wait in the car, credit card in hand, until he can get to you. This normally takes a few hours. That could be because there are a lot of people who lock themselves out of their own homes or because he figures, you will wait. After all, what are you going to do break a window to get in?
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There actually is a solution to this issue that doesn’t require a trip to the hardware store. Watch this video and learn how a few simple items we all have on hand can produce a temporary key that you can keep right in your wallet!

This video will show you how to make your own make shift key in 5 minutes and it is so easy, you will never find yourself locked out again!

First, you will hold your key over a flame. A candle or lighter will work just fine. Hold the key over the flame until it is blackened. It will not take long.

Now, place a piece of scotch tape over the top of the blackened key and rub your finger across the key. You want to rub well, so the color from the blackened key is transferred on to the tape. Make sure all the grooves are picked up on the tape.

Next, you will stick the piece of tape (with your key imprint) onto a piece of tin, like a soda can or door sign. Any thin aluminum of that approximate weight will do. Use a regular pair of household scissors to cut out the shape of the key. Cut carefully making sure you cut around the groves properly. You have just copied your house key and made a make shift key that actually opens your door! It can easily be slipped into your wallet for emergencies.

This cost you nothing but a couple of minutes of your time and common items you have around the house. It is much less expensive than the other solutions mentioned and far less embarrassing.

To see this in detail and to see a demonstration of how it actually works, click on the video. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

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