VIDEO: An Insider just Leaked KFCs Number 1 Secret To Their Friend Chicken Recipe. See It before It’s Deleted


Ever wonder what those secret herbs and spices were in KFC’s tasty fried chicken. Well hurry up because you can now see them for free on this video. An insider has just posted this video and it shows you the recipe and how to cook the delicious chicken. Better hurry before it gets deleted.
With people eating lots of fast food today they want to know about what’s in their food. This one-minute video shows you exactly how to prepare and cook the KFC chicken. Looking at this video it is not all that complicated.

They show you the ingredients and what measurements to use just like your grandma. The 11 herbs and spices are things like onion, garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, paprika, sage along with other pretty basic ingredients. They even show you how much flour and eggs to mix up to make this special chicken. Everything starts out fresh with this recipe and in this video you will see how easy.

There doesn’t seem to be any chemicals or artificial stuff added to the special mixture. Watch this video now before someone deletes it. The only thing you might not have is the industrial fryer! Watch as these simple steps are performed to create this world famous chicken. You won’t believe this is the real thing but it is.

They actually inspect each piece of chicken and all this is really good to know in this fast food day and age. Now you can finally fix this delicious chicken right at home. You might even just have all those famous herbs and spices right in your kitchen cabinet.

They do have one thing you probably don’t and that is the pressure fryer. It should taste the same at home if you just follow the simple recipe in this one-minute video. They don’t show you quite all the ingredients but they do show you most of them. This is good PR because now people can feel good about eating KFC Chicken. They definitely look like they only put in the best of ingredients.

Hurry before they delete this great video of learning how to make your favorite fried chicken. Check out all the simple ingredients used to make this delicious chicken. You can’t go wrong.

The Colonel always looked like a fine southern gentleman and this video proves that he definitely was. What great memories we have of him growing up and eating his mouth-watering chicken. Colonel we salute you for this fine recipe. KFC you will always have some of the best tasting chicken known to mankind. Can you really believe the recipe is online for everyone to see, amazing.

KFC you past the test of having fresh ingredients in your fried chicken. Check this video out before its too late and be sure to share with others.

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