VIDEO: After Seeing This Video I Couldn’t Fathom How This Teacher Still Has Her Job


While there are a multitude of great teachers and educators in this country of ours, videos like these serve as a shocking reminder that there are teachers out there who abuse their power and take advantage of the implicit trust that their students have in them. The teacher in this video, taken in an Ohio school hallway, now faces a lengthy suspension after the clip catches her physically assaulting a six year old student, grabbing him by the face.

The parents of the child in this video were notified by letter about what the teacher had done, but they were not prepared for what they would see in this video. Now that they know more about what too place, they believe that the teacher’s ten day suspension is far from sufficient and are seeking additional justice for her actions (and rightfully so, I might add).

The father of the child, Anthony Nelson, has already spoken out about the horrors he witnessed in this video. He is outraged at the fact that the teacher can clearly be seen grabbing his son by the face, then slamming him into a wall, as any parent would be. The outcry from the child’s parents is entirely understandable.

Anthony is particular perturbed by the school’s insistence on downplaying the incident and he claims that he was told that the contact between the teacher and his child was very minor. After being purposefully misled by the school, he and his wife are no longer satisfied with the teacher’s initial punishment.

Autumn Nelson, the child’s mother, has stated that she was unable to watch the video without being reduced to tears. As a parent, it must break your heart to see the educators that you trust with your child’s well-being abusing that trust and acting in a manner that is not only unprofessional, but also highly illegal. Manhandling a minor in this manner is never the answer, no matter what the child has done wrong.

Videos like this make a mother feel powerless and Autumn says that she called her mother and a number of other close friends, because she was at her wit’s end with the situation and did not know what to do. Knowing that your child is scared of his own teacher makes a parent feel as if there is no possible way out of the situation, other than a transfer.

After watching this video, how do you feel about this particular incident? Do you feel as if the teacher’s punishment was harsh enough or do you think she should have been fired on the spot? Share this video with your friends and family, as it is destined to become a conversation for families all across the country and even the world!

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