Vets Thought This Tiny Puppy Would Die, But Watch What This Pit Bull Does…


Unfortunately, all creatures are not born into equal situations. Some of the most adorable animals are born with disabilities that keep them from being able to develop at the same rate as the rest of their counterparts. This is a sad reality that some animals are forced to deal with and while some of them succumb to their circumstances, Hunter is a different breed.


You see, Hunter was born with a condition that made it very challenging for him to spend time with his brothers and sisters. He can’t compete with them for food or get around very easily. He was born with a severely underdeveloped right leg and according to doctors, he was probably better off being born without one.

But he did not allow his adverse circumstances to change his demeanor. Even though his leg forced him to become the runt of the little, he is living proof that we do not have to allow our current situations to define us.


Foster care for Hunter became a necessity and his foster parents became worried about his lack of development. The prognosis was looking grim for the poor little pup, as he could not eat food like a normal dog. His foster mommy had to feed him by hand every 2 hours, so that he could slowly get his strength back.


Her dedication to helping Hunter was truly remarkable and the two did not leave each other’s side. Hunter’s foster mom would bring him everywhere that she went, whether it was to the movies, to a social event or even to work. All of her hard work began to pay off, as Hunter progressively grew bigger and stronger.

Thanks to Mom’s dedication, Hunter gained enough strength to receive the operation he needed most. Doctors were unable to remove his defective leg during the early stages because he was far too weak and could have died as a result of the complications. Once he gained the necessary strength, he was able to have the leg removed, which helps him to move around encumbered.


Once the surgery took place, Hunter’s life finally changed for the better. He was able to find a family to take him in and he now spends his days at his new forever home. He overcame an incredibly difficult start and is now happy and healthy. Please share this story, so that awareness can be spread about dogs like Hunter.

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