Unique Schnauzer/Pit Mix Has Been Waiting For A Home For 5 Years


Pets who are left in shelters and humane societies often display an incredible level of patience when it comes to finding a forever home. For many of these animals, the clock starts ticking as soon as they are admitted, since so many of these of these institutions do not have the room to accommodate all of the animals who are desperately in need of forever homes to call their own.


The animals who left to wait in these makeshift homes are sitting around, hoping for someone to come along who understands their plight. In some instances, an animal must patiently sit for year after year, watching their brethren find homes and wondering why they are not the ones who are being chosen.

Watching human after human come into the shelter or humane society and leave with a different animal must be heartbreaking and we do not wish this fate on any living creature, let alone a dog as beautiful as the one in these images.


Lolita is her name and Lolita has been left waiting for a family and a home for five years now. No one seems to want to adopt her and we cannot seem to figure out why. She’s a lovely dog and that adorable face is making us fall head over heels for her.


Her unique appearance is the result of her breeding, as she is a mix between a pitbull and a schnauzer. While this leaves her just a bit hairier than the usual dog, she is completely unbothered by this fact and maintains a great demeanor in the face of her troubles.

Lolita has a hairy upper lip that allows her to capture crumbs with ease and some believe that she enjoys catching food there, so that she’ll have a nice snack to enjoy later, after meal time is over. Check out these amazing images of this chronically underappreciated dog. Her charm is evident from these photos and with any luck, Lolita will find a home soon.


She’s a very happy dog, despite her lot in life and she seems to enjoy her smattering of chest hair, as well. Let’s do everything in our power to help her locate a home. If you’d like to do your part, then be sure to share this touching story with your friends and family. Spread the love far and wide, so that Lolita does not have to suffer any longer.  That’s what Lolita believed, and still does to this day, as she’s been waiting five years for someone to adopt her.

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